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Soft Skills in Media

“These skills, commonly known as soft skills, serve to solve problems and make effective decisions, indispensable factors in the process of digital transformation of any company or organization”
Soft skills are needed in Industry 4.0El Economista

“Jorge Badía (General Manager of Cuatrecasas) has maintained that recent studies on the subject determine that ” 52% of current jobs require certain skills and social skills (soft skills) and it is expected that in 2020 these skills will be the most seeked by companies “.

The power of ‘soft skills’ as a key to business success focused the ‘Women in Business’ forum, by CuatrecasasEuropa Press

“One in three recruiters claimes that they have to struggle to find business school graduates with the right skills … The most relevant are soft skills.”
What are companies asking for to MBAsExpansion

“‘In the current job market, companies are already starting to look for people with precise skills’ said Scabbio (President of the Manpower Group in Europe) who has referred to the so-called soft skills”
Employees will be more demanded for creative skills than for trained, according to expertLa Vanguardia

“Companies are increasingly demanding skills from their workers, theoretical knowledge, called ‘hard skills’ in the Anglo-Saxon world, have been losing importance at the expense of ‘soft skills'”
What is more important, emotional intelligence or cognitive ability?ticbeat


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